A project to restore the old Linden Mill building is in the works.

At a recent meeting, the Linden City Council approved appointments to the Mill Building Advisory Committee. According to Tri-County Times, Mayor Danielle Cusson stated that “many current and former residents want the mill building to be restored and preserved.” The building is a nationally recognized historic building, and because of its location right next to the Shiawassee River, any work that is done has to meet special requirements. The Committee is tasked with collecting information, making suggestions for what needs to get done, and pursuing grants.

The Advisory Committee is comprised of Mayor Cusson, representative Marguerite Plumb, curator Barbara Kincaid, architect John Hartranft, former Linden mayor David Lossing, president of the Linden Mills Historical Society Peter Maas, and chapter member Karen Breasbois. (JB)