The City of Linden, with their Downtown Development Authority, is striving to become more business friendly.

The 9 member Linden DDA is putting a focus on supporting businesses in 2019. According to the Tri-County Times, DDA Chair Jeanine Sapelak said they plan on creating a welcoming committee for new businesses as well as having a DDA member available for mentoring, if desired. Restoration of the gazebo near the river could it make it a focal point that helps drive interest to the downtown area.

DDA Member Bryan Mulanix believes Linden is prime to flourish over the next several years and has 3 goals that the DDA can aim for. The first is to be more involved with people and businesses looking to open up shop in the city. This could include finding the best location for a business, helping applicants with paperwork and timelines, or simply being there as a show of support at a ribbon cutting. His second goal is to develop a plan around the Linden, Argentine, Fenton, and Fenton Township, or LAFF, pathway and add bike racks. His third goal is to work more closely with City officials to help inform businesses of opportunities that come along, like façade improvement grants for example.

Additionally, the DDA is continuing their efforts to build a parking lot on a 1.4 acre property purchased in 2017, on Walmar Street.(MK)