By Jessica Mathews /

The Linden Downtown Development Authority Board has a vacant seat and interested residents and business owners are being encouraged to apply.

A posting on the City of Linden’s website says the City is currently accepting applications for consideration of appointment to the DDA Board. A link to the post is provided.

The DDA is said to be dedicated to the sustainability of a thriving downtown district. Board members work in conjunction with local business owners, other City Boards and Committees, as well as City Officials to support growth and improvement of the downtown. Members play a part in promoting economic growth, as well as planning and implementation of development plans for Linden’s Downtown District.

Regular meetings of the DDA Board are held on the fourth Thursday of each month at 8:30am, with the exception of November and December. Not less than the majority of members must have interest in a property located in the downtown district.

The term for the vacancy will expire December 31st, 2021, with the opportunity for re-appointment to serve up to a four-year term.