By Mike Kruzman /

City of Linden officials are considering multiple plans for covering needed capital improvement projects.

Linden City Council, last week, began work on targeting projects for the next handful of years. Up for consideration was a five-year plan with a cost estimate of $23-million, and a ten-year plan that could cost around $29-million, according to the Tricounty Times.

Interim public works director Thomas Trice reportedly stated that the items being considered are not wants, but rather community needs that will have to be addressed. A water main replacement and water system improvements, along with repairs to the sanitary sewer system are among items that Trice was targeting for this year. Beyond 2021, CIP funds could be used for facility upgrades not only at City Hall but also for the police and fire departments. The plans also include money recommended for road improvements, along with a plan for bringing a road millage for voters to decide on.

Trice invited the community to get involved, noting how the community has doubled in size over the past 2 decades and suggested that they have outgrown City Hall and the DPW building. Mayor Danielle Cusson spoke concern with how all these projects get paid for, and those sentiments were echoed by others on Council. Funding from a proposed infrastructure bill that is working its way through Congress could potentially aid with that.