By Mike Kruzman /

A County service that helps local residents in need of a ride for a reasonable price has been given the green light to apply for another year of funding.

Livingston Essential Transportation Service Director Greg Kellogg was before the Board of Commissioners this week seeking approval of a resolution stating the intention of LETS to apply for financial assistance from the state for fiscal year 2023.

Kellogg said the main source of funding comes from the State Local Bus Operating program, which accounts for around 35-percent. Funding for their regular countywide service and pass-through agreements with the People’s Express and Michigan Flyer comes from that.

A memo from Kellogg to Commissioners says that LETS is applying for roughly $2.35-million from the state. The application also includes federal funding just under $2.3-million, and local/other funding of $2.25-million. That local/other funding category includes passenger fares, service contract revenue, contributions from local partnerships, and a continuation of the County’s $65,000 General Fund contribution.

The Board of Commissioners approved the resolution by a unanimous vote.