By Mike Kruzman /

Improvements to the Livingston Essential Transportation Service complex have been approved the Board of Commissioners.

Smoother trips and better safety from the elements are in the cards for LETS drivers following the approvals from the County Board during their latest meeting. First up, a fuel farm canopy will be constructed to give works shelter from the sun or rain while gassing up the vehicles.

LETS Director Greg Kellogg wrote in a memo to Commissioners that the typical fueling time for propane buses is 8-10 minutes and can take up to 15 to do in hot weather. This, he notes, is double the time needed to fill diesel buses. Secondly, the asphalt driveway around the fueling area will be replaced with concrete. The current driveway is over 20 years old and in poor condition. The concrete work will include the addition of a small parking area that will fix 3 vans.

The projects were recently bid out and were approved by the Board of Commissioners for amount, including a 10% contingency, not to exceed $109,042. The project will be 100% grant funded with 80% of the total project cost reimbursed from a fiscal year 2020 Federal Section 5339 grant, and the other 20% matched from the Michigan Department of Transportation.