Tax relief legislation co-sponsored by State Senator Ken Horn received final approval from the Legislature Wednesday.

The set of bills will ensure Michigan residents are able to claim personal exemptions on their state taxes. Senate Bills 748 and 750 will ensure all personal exemptions remain, while Senate Bill 748 will guarantee Michigan taxpayers can continue claiming the personal exemption on their state income taxes. Senate Bill 750 will make the same assurance for city income tax exemptions.

Senator Horn, who represents the 32nd District that includes Fenton Township and Linden, says “People are already starting to see the effects of the recent federal reforms in their paychecks and I think we need to keep that relief coming for Michigan residents.”

Some confusion has surrounded the recently approved Tax Cuts and Jobs Act because of language that sets the federal personal exemption to zero. Though the exemption is not explicitly eliminated by the new law, Michigan’s current state income tax law ties the state’s personal exemptions to the federal number of exemptions. Without a revision to state law, Michigan taxpayers would no longer be able to claim the personal exemptions on their state taxes.

Horn says the state’s budget has stabilized and the bills, coupled with the recent federal changes, “…will provide much-deserved relief” to Michigan families. Both bills will now move to Governor Rick Snyder’s desk for consideration.