Following a compromise last week that saw the Republican-led Michigan Legislature vote to restore more than half of the state funding that was vetoed during a budget impasse; a local lawmaker is expressing his approval.

The move last week largely resolved a months-long stalemate. Lawmakers and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer could address what to do with more than $370 million in unallocated funds in the New Year. The main bill includes a new provision allowing lawmakers to reverse any department fund transfers, if Whitmer makes any related to the legislation. She calls the spending bills an “important step forward for Michigan.”

Republican State Rep. Mike Mueller of Linden, who served as a Livingston County Sheriff’s deputy prior to being elected to office, says the 2020 budget resolution restores funding for secondary road patrols in the state and provides economic security for law enforcement. "I came from a law enforcement family and police officers don't make that much money and so especially when you get cut, especially around Christmas time, a lot of families that are depending on the money don't have it because of what the politicians are doing up here in Lansing."

The deal still leaves more than $400 million in line-item vetoes by Whitmer. Lawmakers say they plan to address that when they return to session next month. (JK)