The Green Oak Township Planning Commission has approved a site plan for a new landscape supply center. Corrigan Environmental Wood Solutions will provide supplies for the public but anticipates selling more to those in need of wholesale bulk when they open up for business off of Whitmore Lake Road in Green Oak. Planning Commission Chairman Lamberto Smigliani believes the business won’t negatively impact the area. Corrigan is re-purposing the existing industrial site that formerly had an asphalt facility located there.

The business plans on building a processing facility to create mulch and grind wood. Originally, owners wanted to run composting onsite which would require a special use permit, but have since withdrawn that request. The Planning Commission was concerned about possible soil contamination from the previous owner. Corrigan representatives seemed eager to work with the township and have testing done. Any abnormalities in the soil and they will work with the Department of Environmental Quality to address them.

The Planning Commission approved the site plan unanimously at their regular meeting Thursday night. Smigliani said he believes they will be a nice addition to the community and that it is nice to see a former industrial site that wasn’t viable turn into something that was. (MK)