A recent sale of land owned by Howell Public Schools will benefit students in the Construction Trades Program.

In May of 2013, the board approved a rezoning of an eastern portion of land at Parker Middle School in an effort to obtain at least two buildable sites for the Construction Trades Program. The Howell Education Foundation, through a partnership with the district, agreed to purchase the two lots for the sole purpose of constructing two home sites. The two lots are located along Wright Road, adjacent to the middle school. The total sale price was $44,500 and the Board of Education unanimously approved the sale at its May 14th meeting. An appraisal establishing fair market value was performed, with one lot totaling $21,000 and the other at $23,500.

The Foundation will still need to do some additional work to make sure the sites are buildable.
Superintendent Erin MacGregor tells WHMI the recent board action was technically a final sale; there are some contingencies centered around whether or not the Foundation can actually build on the lots. He says they’ll be going through that and should something come back, then the board would have to revisit the sale. Aside from the due diligence work, the intent would be to secure both lots for students through the Howell Education Foundation – one for next year and the other the following year. MacGregor noted it is kind of unique because although the district is selling the lots, it will ultimately end up benefiting students.

MacGregor noted it’s been a really great program and partnership with the Foundation, which provides the land for students to build a home. There are typically between 60-90 students involved in the Construction Trades Program. They’ll build a home starting in the fall, finish in the spring and then sell the home, utilizing the proceeds to provide the next home and piece of property. (JM)