A local state senator has sponsored legislation to protect assault survivors.

State Senator Lana Theis, a Republican from Brighton Township, sponsored one bill of a seven-bill plan that would allow victims of domestic abuse, sexual assault, stalking or human trafficking to hide their physical address from offenders.

The bipartisan plan would enable victims to obtain a confidential address for official documents, such as a driver’s license, and mail correspondence to help protect them from their past abusers. Theis says protecting domestic and sexual assault survivors from their aggressors is vital to their peace of mind and long-term health, and that this commonsense, bipartisan plan will serve to proactively prevent perpetrators from further harming victims.
Five of the seven bills are sponsored by Republicans, while two are sponsored by Democrats.

The bills have been referred to committee for consideration. If the plan is passed, Michigan would join 38 other states that have similar laws. (AV)