Charges are pending against a teacher in a local school district after being arrested for being drunk while at school.

A teacher at Lakeland High School teacher was taken into custody Wednesday by White Lake Township Police after a Breathalyzer showed his blood alcohol limit was more than four times the legal limit. The school’s resource officer administered the test around 8am after being alerted by administrators that the teacher, who is a West Bloomfield resident but who has not been named, appeared to be intoxicated. The Breathalyzer indicated a blood alcohol content of .354%. The state’s legal limit for driving is .08%. The teacher reportedly admitted to drinking alcohol before driving to school that morning. He is expected to be arraigned today on charges of operating while intoxicated with a high blood-alcohol content and for driving with a suspended license.

Parents of students at Lakeland High School were informed by the school's principal about the arrest, assuring them that the teacher would not be on campus while the matter is pending. (JK)