By Mike Kruzman /

The applicant a proposed housing development in Tyrone Township has been asked to provide more detailed information before the planning commission will set a public hearing date.

Applicant David McLane and associates presented their latest concept proposal for Lake Urban Crossing. Lake Urban Crossing would be a residential planned unit development consisting of several parcels with a total area of roughly 158 acres, with frontage on Runyan Lake Road and White Lake Road. McLane wishes to perform 2 phases of construction with a total of 93 homes. Last month, the planning commission requested a parallel plan, which was delivered, but not until the day of the meeting. The parallel plan shows what could be built under existing zoning, which was shown to be only 62 houses. With bonuses from a PUD, they could be allotted up to 15% greater density, but that only puts them at 71 lots.

The site faces many challenges with wetlands and the lake in the middle of it. Even with revisions, the applicant was roughly 4-5 acres short on required open space. With so much of the area being covered with water, planning commissioners were open to considering waiving the amount they were short, as their right. If the applicant is forced to reduce the number of units further, that could also be used to help the requirement.

The applicant said he has been trying to get something approved here since last June and he wants to work with the township, but he also insinuated he would like to be able to get past this point. If needed, he even said he would consider going back to his original one-phase plan, in a worst case scenario. The township planning consultant said he wants to further review the parallel plan and then can begin to work with the applicant. They speculated being able to set up a public hearing for July or August, though no date was set.