A wallet that fell overboard a year ago has been rescued, money intact, suffering only minor injuries.

Last July, Jennifer Tremaine of Fenton Township was covering her pontoon on Lake Fenton near the Fenton Moose Club. Resting her Coach wallet on the top of the boat, a gust of wind knocked it into the lake, sinking with $300 in cash, her credit cards, and her driver’s license. Tremaine told the Tri-County Times that she immediately jumped into the lake, in her clothes, feeling around the bottom, to no success. She returned to that spot every day for three weeks hoping to find the wallet, before eventually giving up, considering it lost.

Flash forward to this past extended 4th of July weekend, where on Friday the 5th, she received a call from a friend, notifying Tremaine that he had found and recovered her wallet that had floated to the surface. Not only was the money still intact, but so was $3 in coins inside it. Tremaine said she was surprised that the wallet, while now bloated and covered in crustaceans, was still in good condition, with the clasp and zipper still functional. She added it was unnerving to have the personal information in her out there, unaccounted for, and that she now feels some peace with it being found.

Tremaine now plans to treat her friend who found the wallet with lunch on the newly re-found money, and write a letter to Coach, telling her story. She said she isn’t in it for free swag from them, she just wants them to know that she appreciates the quality of their product. (MK)