By Mike Kruzman /

The Hartland Township Planning Commission has approved a new operation from the LaFontaine Automotive Group.

Lafontaine has roughly 70 buildings over 40 properties that the Group owns. Gary Laundroche of the Group was before the Planning Commission recently seeking a use determination for their Business Maintenance Division, to be located at 9990 Highland Road, just west of US-23.

The 4.5-acre site has a 3,800-square foot building, which is roughly half office space, and is zoned general commercial. The property was most recently used by CARite, which is a division of the LaFontaine Automotive Group, as a used car dealership. Laundroche told planning commissioners that the Group is now looking to use the site for the headquarters of its building maintenance division. While materials like ceiling tiles, moving furniture, carpet tiles and replacement light bulbs will be stored there, Laundroche said it will primarily be an office space for about 5 employees.

It was noted that the property is unique in that the Cheryl Stockwell Academy school behind it shares a driveway. Laundroche said that while a retail business may struggle with traffic at that location, it wouldn’t be a problem with their small number of employees. Upon examination, the Planning Commission found that the proposed use was closest to a “business services” use, which was permitted in the General Commercial zoning. They voted unanimously in favor of the determination.

Photo - Google Street View