An upcoming event will offer community members a more in-depth look at a local nonprofit’s facility and mission.

The “Within These Walls” events, which are likened to a “structured open house”, will introduce community members to the LACASA Center and its outreach efforts. The organization protects, advocates for and empowers victims and survivors of child abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault.

“Within These Walls” are one-hour programs in which the organization’s leaders share their stories, discuss plans for the future, and conduct a walking tour of the LACASA facility. The sessions aim to increase awareness about the scope of the organization’s services and the need for them in the community.

The next event will be held Thursday, January 16th, at 6pm. Those interested in attending are encouraged to invite a friend or come in a group. LACASA can also arrange a Within These Walls private gathering for anyone interested in scheduling one. After the event, organizers plan to call attendees to ask about their impressions of LACASA, and learn if the guest had any ideas or suggestions.

Donations will not be accepted at the event as Within These Walls gatherings are strictly formal. An RSVP is required in advance. More information and RSVP details can be found at the link below. (DK)