By Mike Kruzman /

A new campaign to help local high school students recognize dating abuse has been launched by LACASA’s Teen Advisory Council.

Every year, the TAC group creates a campaign designed to reach area teens and provide them with information on how to identify unhealthy relationships.

This year’s Teen Advisory Council, made up of mentor Kelsey MacGregor, Lauren Keesler of Byron High School, Alyssa Koneski of Howell High School, and Jenna Stazak of Brighton High School are distributing their “Not a Puppet” campaign to their peers in high schools around Livingston County.

The campaign will help students recognize controlling partners who may think they are entitled to things like approving who you can hang out with, make everything seem like your fault by playing the blame game, or tell you what to think or how to feel. A controlling partner may also be constantly monitoring your location or checking your phone. The campaign will help students in these unhealthy relationships cut the strings and regain their freedom, while helping also identify the traits of a strong relationship.

High school students are interested in joining next school year’s Teen Advisory Council can contact LACASA’s Community Education Department at

To learn more about the campaign www.lacasacenter.ord/teencampaign2021.
Download the campaign poster below.