By Mike Kruzman /

In what was a difficult year for many even in healthy relationships, the LACASA Center is reporting that record numbers of survivors reached out to them for help in 2020.

LACASA is a local non-profit that aids and advocates for the victims of child abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault.

Staff remind that pandemics don’t stop abusers, and historically, when outside stressors occur, abuse tends to escalate. When shelter-in-place orders took effect, closing their around-the-clock facility was not an option.

LACASA reports that record numbers of victims seeking help and refuge contacted them this past year. In 2020 they provided 1,170 nights in hotels and over 3,500 off-site meals for victims and their families. There was a 230-percent increase in child forensic interviews. Individuals seeking personal protection orders tripled compared to an average year and there was a 96-percent increase in calls to their 24/7 helpline. LACASA also conducted double their normal number of sexual assault nurse examinations.

More than a shelter, LACASA offers several programs and services. But while the demand for help increased, their opportunities to fundraise were reduced due to pandemic restrictions. They were able to adjust their efforts, but the need is still there and they are asking that people consider contributing to their mission of supporting local victims of interpersonal violence where they can.

In a release, LACASA Board of Directors Chair Patricia Claffey reminds that all donations stay local. For more information on all they provide, or to make a donation, visit their website,