Jessica Mathews /

An annual awareness campaign is underway to educate the community about infant safe sleep.

October is "Safe Sleep Month" in Michigan and LACASA Center’s Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) Council and the Livingston County Health Department are working to protect babies by raising awareness about safe sleep practices.

LACASA’s Director of Family Prevention and Education Holly Naylor says sharing information about the most current safe sleep guidelines is a crucial step in making sure no family experiences loss related to preventable sleep-related injuries or death. She says the CAP Council wants to ensure that every parent, grandparent, and caregiver is aware that the safest sleep environment is when infants are put to sleep alone, on their back, and in their own crib or bassinet.

Livingston County Health Department Director of Personal and Preventive Health Services/Deputy Health Officer Rebecca Leach noted that since 2015, there have been seven sleep-related infant deaths in Livingston County. She says their goal is to reach a point where that number is zero every year.

The Howell Carnegie District Library and Hartland’s Cromaine Library are both featuring safe sleep displays this month. LACASA will be sharing various safe sleep-related posts on its Facebook page and also offers an online infant safety class.

More information is available in the attached release.