By Jessica Mathews /

The community is being encouraged to set Livingston County aglow with purple lights and awareness signs in October to show support for victims and survivors of interpersonal violence.

The LACASA Center's award-winning October glow awareness campaign is getting underway. The initiative encourages the community to display purple lights and awareness signs at home fronts and business fronts during October, which is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

This Friday, community members are encouraged to attend a gathering at the Brighton Millpond and Amphitheater when LACASA launches a month-long campaign.

October Glow bundles, which include purple lights and signage, are available for a set donation at the LACASA Collection, the non-profit’s charity resale boutique in Howell. All light packages are $25 with proceeds funding critical programs for victims of abuse at LACASA Center. The packages both contain a yard sign and either three purple light bulbs or one strand of purple string lights.

Details are available through the provided link.