Officials are asking Kensington Metropark visitors who notice a white deer and her recently born fawns to respect their space.

In a Facebook post, Huron Clinton Metroparks asks that those visiting Kensington Metropark keep their eyes watchful for a white deer. The deer is albino; an animal with a genetic mutation in which it is unable to produce melanin – a dark pigment that produces the typical coloration of the animal. Officials say Albinism in deer is rare and there is a one in 10,000 chance of a parent passing the gene to its offspring.

Due to the concentration of the gene in the deer population at Kensington Metropark, located in the Milford and Brighton Township area, the chances of an albino being born there are higher. Officials say if someone does get an opportunity to spot the rare Albino deer at Kensington Metropark and her recently born twin fawns, to please allow them to enjoy their home by respecting their space.

Photo: Gregory B. Miller via Facebook. A link to Huron-Clinton Metroparks page is provided. (JM)