Jessica Mathews /

A Fenton woman is looking forward to some financial relief after winning a $300,000 prize on the Michigan Lottery’s The Big Spin show.

32-year-old Kaitlyn VanDamme won the big prize after spinning the prize wheel on the show hosted by Detroit basketball champion, John Salley. VanDamme was selected to participate in the show after entering codes from non-winning The Big Spin tickets online.

VanDamme said she was at work when she saw she had a missed call from a Lansing phone number, so she called back and was told she had been selected to be on the show.

VanDamme said the winnings are really going to help ease financial stress for her and her family – adding she came on the show expecting to win $100,000 so leaving with $300,000 is amazing.

VanDamme was one of five players selected for The Big Spin show in a random drawing. Entries are still being accepted into The Big Spin second chance drawing. More information is available in the provided link.