By Mike Kruzman /

Bond has been revoked for the leader of a white supremacist group charged with multiple felony counts, some related to a 2019 incident in Dexter.

25-year old Justen Watkins of Bad Axe is the self-proclaimed leader of The Base, a national white supremacist group with violent inclinations according to a release from Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel’s office.

On a late evening in December 2019, he and an associate, 35-year-old Alfred Gorman of Taylor, allegedly dressed in dark clothing, shined a light and took pictures on a Dexter family’s front porch, mistaking it for the home of someone they believed to be in Antifa. They posted the pictures on the social media platform Telegram.

Last October they were charged in Washtenaw County with gang membership, unlawful posting of a message, and using computers to commit a crime. Watkins had a 4th charge added in February for possession of analog drugs in Huron County.

One of Watkins’ bond conditions was that he not have contact with other members of The Base. Despite this, the Attorney General’s office learned that another gang member paid his bond for that and the two allegedly committed a crime together a week later. The Huron County Prosecutor’s Office has charged Watkins and the other member with a charge of breaking and entering from that incident. He has also been living with that gang member.

Watkins turned himself to Washtenaw County on Thursday, and the court made the decision to revoke his bond. Nessel said given the circumstances, her department is pleased with that decision. Watkins and Gorman are due for a probable cause conference on June 3rd.

Photo- Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office