A former television anchor and one-time member of the Trump Administration is far out ahead of his fellow GOP candidates in the race to take on 8th District Democrat Elissa Slotkin this November.

Friday was the deadline for 2019 year-end filings by the Federal Election Commission, and of the five candidates announced so far for the August GOP primary; Paul Junge, a one-time Lansing-area TV news anchor who most recently worked in the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, has by far the most money, having raised $273,418. The next closest of his Republican opponents is Lansing-area attorney Kristina Lyke, who had $5,918 in total contributions. Next up is Mike Detmer of Howell, who works for an automotive supplier, with $3,005, followed by state Board of Education member Nikki Snyder, who lives just outside the district boundaries in Dexter, with $1,916 and then Alan Hoover, a self-styled entrepreneur and former Marine from Ortonville, with $1,310. In contrast, Congresswoman Slotkin raised more than $1.2 million ($1,283,501.05) in the final three months of 2019, with nearly $2.9 million cash on hand ($2,875,218.85). The 8th District is considered a key target for Republicans in 2020 after having lost the seat in 2018 to Slotkin after 18 years in the GOP column. Despite the huge money advantage, the race is considered a toss-up by The Cook Political Report, but tilting towards the Republican column. (JK)