A candidate for circuit court judge says that issues have been resolved pertaining to a default entered against his home mortgage.

Brighton-based attorney Dennis Brewer, who is running for a newly created 44th Circuit Court judgeship in Livingston County, says he is up to date on payments for a condominium he and his wife own in the San Marino Hills community in Hartland Township. A foreclosure by default notice was published last month by Wells Fargo Bank for the remaining balance of $184,965.08. A foreclosure sale was scheduled to take place today after the mortgage was sent to the Livingston County Sheriff's Office Civil Division for auction, but has been removed from the docket. Records show that since the couple purchased the condo in 2010, all taxes have been paid on time. It is currently valued at about $320,000.

When asked about the foreclosure notice, Brewer told WHMI that it was, “due to a variety of very personal family matters” and that he didn’t see the relevance as, “Judges are not responsible for handling budgets…” He added that he was, “part of a family that’s going through a situation that a lot of other families in Livingston County can relate to.”

Brewer is facing 53rd District Court Judge L. Suzanne Geddis in the Nov. 6 General Election. (JK)