A judge refused to revoke the bond of a Brighton-area man charged with ten felony counts in two separate criminal cases.

33-year-old Marcus Wayne Nichols was charged in June with a variety of felonies, including assault & battery, third and fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct and unlawful imprisonment. An original $900,000 bond was later reduced by Circuit Court Judge Michael Hatty to $250,000 with a 10% alternative, meaning Nichols only had to post $25,000, which he did and was released July 12th. He was then arrested again August 10th after authorities say he used a vehicle to try and hit the mother of the victim in the initial case and her friend. Nichols' attorneys refute that’s what happened and say the mother initiated the incident by throwing something at his car as he drove past. Prosecutors again requested a $900,000 bond, but that was denied by Magistrate Austin Wright and Nichols again posted another $25,000 before being released.

Livingston County Prosecutor Bill Vailliencourt’s office requested a motion to revoke Nichols’ bond, which was heard Thursday by Judge Hatty. Despite prosecutors pointing out that Nichols has a history of violating bond in the past on charges that included Operating While Impaired by Liquor and False Pretenses, Judge Hatty declined to remand Nichols back to jail pending trial. He did order that he remain at least one mile from victims in both cases. The victim in the initial case previously told WHMI that she feels unsafe while Nichols remains free. Court documents indicate the teen girl said Nichols would push her into walls and doors and she was scared to say no to sex with him. His next court date is Tuesday for an exam on the latest charges. If convicted, Nichols could face 15 years in prison. (JK)