53rd District Court Judge Theresa Brennan’s caseload has been removed and re-assigned after deliberations between local judges and the filing of a formal complaint by the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission.

Chief Judge of Livingston County Courts Miriam Cavanaugh says she has discussed the issue and content of the formal complaint filed against Brennan with other local judges. Brennan is under investigation for misconduct in office at multiple levels as well as lying about an affair with a MSP detective in a 2013 double murder trial. Those convictions are currently under review. Cavanaugh says they recognize Brennan is entitled to due process of law and a hearing on the allegations against her, but notes judges are held to a higher standard of conduct so that the integrity and independence of their judiciary may be preserved. Further, Judge Cavanaugh says the citizens of Livingston County deserve to know that their elected judges are beyond reproach in the performance of their duties. Accordingly, and in deliberation with other judges, she says it was decided to remove and re-assign Brennan’s caseload effective immediately and until further notice.

As Chief Judge, Cavanaugh says she speaks for the entire judiciary in saying they value the trust and confidence citizens of Livingston County have vested in them. She assures residents they will continue to carry out the duties and responsibilities of their offices and afford all litigants and attorneys the professional, timely, impartial and independent administration of justice that they deserve. (JM)