The new Pinckney Village Clerk is no stranger to the community.

Jill Chapman’s first day was last Thursday and she was officially sworn-in during Monday night’s Village Council meeting. She most recently worked at the Pinckney Community Public Library but also has experience as a legal secretary and paralegal. Chapman previously did some volunteering in local schools and has lived in the local community for about 18 years.

Chapman says there’s a lot to learn but she’s confident and really likes the environment and people. Having worked in the library for just under four years, Chapman tells WHMI she met a lot of people so is already familiar with faces and just wants to help people in the community. The role involves various administrative duties, maintaining accounts payables and record keeping among others. Chapman says there is a lot to learn to keep everything and everyone going in the right direction, as well as things that are brought to Village Council. She says people tend to think that villages are tiny places but there is still a lot going on that needs to be taken care of. Chapman says it’s been a little bit overwhelming but she’s interested to learn more and everyone has been very kind and helpful, which has made it an easy transition from her other job.

Chapman has been hired for the role vacated by longtime clerk Amy Salowitz, who moved out of state with her family but has been back to help out with training and the transition process. Chapman says she wants to move things forward in timely manner, learn all she can and try to fill Amy’s shoes as best she can – saying Salowitz has made coming in much easier.

Chapman’s new role is a part time position and she’ll be working Monday through Thursday from 8am to 4pm. As for goals, she says it’s still a bit early as she just started last Thursday but just wants to help the Village continue moving forward. (JM)