By Mike Kruzman /

New equipment to help mitigate potential security risks at the jail have been approved by the County.

A resolution requesting the upgrading of Jail Commander computer control panels was before the Livingston County Board of Commissioners at their meeting, Monday evening. Livingston County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Tarnesia Pringle issued project details to the Board asking to upgrade, replace, and add cameras to the jail’s Stanley Recording System. Upgraded video software and camera raid storage servers are also needed.

Additionally, the Sheriff’s Office is seeking to replace 5 control room computers that are nearing the end of their lives and approximately 120 existing analog cameras that are now over 2 decades old, with high-definition cameras. On top of the increased resolution, it was also stated that it will allow for easier upkeep of the system.

This project was noted as having as being very important for maintaining and improving the facility and infrastructure, and for protecting the health, safety, and lives of citizens involved.

The total project cost is $76,620. The resolution states that while this has been requested annually as a Capital Improvement Project, it was inadvertently left out of the FY22 budget. The Sheriff’s Office requested that the upgrades be funded by 403 Capital Replacement Funds.

The Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the resolution.