By Jessica Mathews /

An upcoming virtual presentation will explore the effects of entropy on the landscape and collective memories.

Photographer Jackson Faulkner will give a virtual presentation October 14th from 7 to 8pm at the Brighton District Library titled “Roadside Reflections - Respecting the Past and Preserving for the Future". Faulkner is said to present the past in a personal and narrative style to honor and show beauty and respect for the pioneers and their machines that once made the country great. Through images, Faulkner is said to give the viewer a chance to feel the glow of twilight as it appears over an abandoned barn or experience the silence of a century old prairie grain elevator waiting for the next harvest. Organizers say every image tells a story that needs to be told as the very history of the nation is collectively dissolving. Faulkner believes that if people choose not to honor and remember the past, people will suffer more than the loss of a building or a tractor. He says we’ll lose that collective history of who we were and who we are, and future generations will be poorer because of it. Faulkner’s dramatic portraits are across the United States but primarily focus on the Pacific Northwest where he lives.

A link to register is provided.