Whether a quick after work hike or a slow meander with family and friends, community members are encouraged to utilize a new trail at the Island Lake State Recreation Area.

The Trillium Ridge Loop is a one mile trail that traverses the top and bottom of the ridge overlooking Kent Lake between the beach and the Hickory Shelter. It offers the combination of a mild hike along the top of the ridge, and a moderate hike as the trail follows the shore. Officials say the shoreline section can be narrow, wet, and is often slanted, making the hike a bit more challenging. The shoreline section is part of the original routing of the Hickory Ridge Trail, while the higher section is the new alternate route of that trail.

A temporary sign went up Wednesday evening, with a permanent one to follow. Officials say uniquely colored trail markers will be up in a few weeks, but for now users should follow the white Hickory Ridge Trail markers. The top route has a few of the markers accented in green, while the lower section has blue accents. The trail was built by volunteers, with leadership from the Friends of Island Lake, the Crossroads Group Sierra Club, and the Michigan Conservation Stewards Program. (JM)