By Jessica Mathews /

It’s International Dark Sky Week and Livingston County residents are being encouraged to visit the perfect local park for it.

The Livingston County Planning Department says Lutz County Park in Deerfield Township is a great place for night sky viewing due to its location in an area with very little light pollution. Officials say there are many ways people can be involved and support the exciting week of discovering the night.

Lutz County Park features 100 acres of public recreation use. It’s open from sunrise to sunset on most days, but on certain weekends and for special events, the park gates are open until midnight to allow the public access to the park for general night sky viewing and other dark sky related activities. Those include the first and third Friday and Saturday evenings from March through November, International Dark Sky Week and Earth Day.

The schedule allows for a total of 54 available days for park visitors to have access to the Lutz County Park after hours for nighttime viewing and observation as well as other dark sky activities.

Officials encourage residents to plan a visit to Lutz County Park and view the International Dark-Sky Association website for additional information about the science of dark skies. That link is provided.

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