Fowlerville School officials say improvements being made to the district’s buildings will soon be completed; hopefully in time for the new school year.

District stakeholders earlier this year approved a $17.5 million bond proposal, which passed by a 2-1 margin. The bond is being used to fund major infrastructure improvement projects at buildings throughout the district. Superintendent Wayne Roedel previously referred to the proposal as a “sweeping bond issue”, saying the upgrades will benefit students no matter which building they’re at.

The various projects got underway this summer, one of which called for replacement of the Kreeger Elementary Schools’ roof that was said to be long past its expected lifetime. Roedel says the $1.5 million project is “essentially done” and should be wrapped up by the end of the week. Upgraded wireless access points and new technology infrastructure is currently being installed at the high school, which has been a significant project due to the extensive cabling.

Every building in the district is receiving new staff access and door security systems as well, the latter of which will be located at the main entryways with a video buzz-in component and visitor security check. Last but not least, Roedel notes boiler replacement at Kreeger Elementary and the Junior High School is “moving along very well”.

Roedel indicates the majority of the work will be completed before the start of the new year, though is currently working to bring in extra crews to expedite the process for any projects that may be behind schedule. (DK)