By Mike Kruzman /

Two cemeteries in the City of Brighton have begun to see improvements, with more to follow.

Renovations are currently underway at the Brighton Hills and Fairview cemeteries, which are located across the street from each other on Flint Road. City Council recently approved funding that will allow for the repaving of the driveways in each. To save money, the City will be using some of the millings from the Rickett Road Phase 2 project for the roadways and customer parking lot. Driveway work is expected to take place this summer.

Meanwhile, DPW crews continue to work on the grounds. Overgrown areas around the perimeter have been trimmed back for a more aesthetic appeal which also allows vehicles more space for parking. In one portion, a tree line was pushed back 15 feet, and another section has seen the grounds and headstones leveled and straightened. A customer parking area has also been installed in front of the cemetery building.

Photo - Google Street View