Huron-Clinton Metroparks has implemented a new park pass scanning system.

The Metroparks will be scanning park passes this year in an effort to gain a better understanding of visitors and how they use the parks system to deliver better experiences and facilities. Starting May 1st, visitors will be asked for their zip code when purchasing an annual or a daily pass, which will be tied to a barcode. Visitors will not be required to share their zip code and can opt out. Those purchasing a pass online will be asked for their zip code the first time they use their pass. Once a visitor’s zip code is stored in the system, their pass will be scanned by a toll booth attendant every time they enter through any of the toll booths at all 13 parks. The Metroparks are collecting the information to gain a better understanding of where visitors are coming from, which parks they’re visiting most frequently and how often they’re using their annual pass.

Officials said they noticed a large number of questions and concerns on a social post about the annual pass scanning and clarified that it helps the Metroparks make more informed decisions in the future to create better amenities, experiences and programming to attract more visitors. Officials say they understand that privacy is always a concern for visitors and they share that concern so want to be very transparent about the new process and are happy to answer questions. They add that annual pass scanning will become normal practice for the Metroparks and visitor cooperation and patience is appreciated during the transition period. Details are available in the provided link. (JM)