By Jessica Mathews /

Livingston County hunters will have a new option to report their deer harvest this fall.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources announced that hunters can now report their 2021 deer harvest online. All data collected helps the DNR to manage the deer population in Michigan. Reporting a deer is optional, but highly encouraged.

When reporting a harvest, the person will be asked to give their hunting license number, date of birth, deer season and whether it was archery or firearm, etc., date of harvest, the county and deer management unit where they harvested the deer, whether it was an antlered or antlerless deer, the number of antler points, and the location where the deer was harvested.

Officials say the location information is kept private and used for statistical purposes only. Officials say they wish hunters luck and remind everyone to be safe out there this fall.

A video is also available detailing the steps to report a deer harvest online. The link to report a harvest is provided.