A local lawmaker’s bill has been signed into law, ensuring a more humane and safer approach in animal euthanasia.

Governor Rick Snyder recently considered and signed two legislative proposals from Republican State Representative Hank Vaupel of Handy Township.

The first proposal allows additional types of tranquilizers to be used for safer and more humane euthanasia at animal control and shelter facilities. The drugs could be used early in the euthanasia process as better options to calm and immobilize badly injured or sick animals.

Vaupel, a long-time veterinarian from Fowlerville, says this is an important change in the best interests of both the animals and the people handling them, as animals sometimes can become dangerously aggressive and hard to control when they are badly hurt and frightened. The second proposal requires training for those using the tranquilizers.

Vaupel worked with the Michigan Humane Society, the Michigan Veterinary Medical Association, the Department of Agriculture and other groups while putting together his legislation. House Bill 4813 is now Public Act 34 of 2018.