A water meter replacement program is getting underway in the City of Howell.

The conversion is being paid for out of the City’s water and sewer fund and the new meters will ensure accurate readings and billing amounts. The meter installations will be performed by Ferguson Water Works and Utility Metering Solutions. The City of Howell DPW personnel will manage and work with the contractor to ensure the work is done properly and efficiently. Crews will be working in one area of the City at a time and are currently in the area north and east of Thompson Lake. A map is available on the City of Howell website for locations within the current work area. Before meter replacements begin in an area, a letter will be sent out to residents and businesses detailing the program. It’s anticipated the entire conversion will take between three to five years.

Anyone with questions/concerns about the program should call the DPW at 517-546-7510 or email esuida@cityofhowell.org and mluce@cityofhowell.org. (JM)