By Mike Kruzman /

An amended site plan has been approved for a multi-family residential development in Howell Township.

The Union at Oak Grove will be a 220-unit apartment complex built on a roughly 27-acre parcel located off of Oak Grove Road, behind Kroger. The project was originally approved by the Howell Township Planning Commission in December 2020, but due to a then-unforeseen amount of grading issues, became too costly and undoable.

On Tuesday, the developer was back with an amended site plan that shifted some of the building locations, but otherwise kept nearly all of the previously approved features intact. The number of units, the density, and parking would all be the same, with the pond in the middle of the site growing larger. An engineer for the development team said that they increased the detention pond to where it could support four 100-year storms, whereas most developments only plan for one.

Township Trustee Matthew Counts said a pump station will have to go in due to the slope, but whether it is public or private will have to be figured out between the developer and the township.

The Planning Commission approved the amended site plan 5-0, with two Commissioners absent.