Site plan approval has been granted for a new housing development in Howell Township.

Chestnut Square will be a multi-family residential development on 32 acres north of M-59, east of Tooley Road in Howell Township. The Planning Commission met with developers from Chestnut Development at their meeting, Tuesday night, who are seeking to build 86 condominium units on the site. Planning Consultant Paul Montagno said that while their plan has been updated following discussions two months ago, there are still some encroachments in relation to adjacent airport property and a residence. The developer will be seeking a variance from the Howell Township Zoning Board of Appeals. Planning Commission Chairman Andrew Sloan said that a court case involving Chestnut Development and a neighbor about a commonly owned driveway has been settled.

Plans also showed a slight encroachment onto wetlands, but the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes & Energy, or EGLE, is expected to still give their approval. Planning Commissioners were also satisfied with a lighting plan from the property. Three 12-foot light poles near existing homes were a topic of discussion. It was determined that they will be fully shielded and downcast, providing light to give full coverage that will have little noticeable impact on neighbors. The final site plan was approved unanimously, conditional on the planner and engineer reports being addressed, variances being granted, EGLE approval, and the establishment of an escrow set up for a sidewalk along M-59.(MK)