A local veteran’s group effort to put up a billboard is on ice after the Howell Township Board voted to enact another moratorium.

The American Legion Devereaux Post 141 at Grand River and M-59 had proposed to put up an electronic billboard on its property as a way to generate income they said was needed for their future existence. Township official had instituted a 120 moratorium on new signs around March of this year just as the Legion’s proposal was making its way to the township’s Planning Commission. Township officials cited the need to amend their current ordinance before moving forward. However, Legion officials say they submitted their application prior to the original moratorium and believed they should be exempt.

The new moratorium enacted Monday does not exempt the group and leaves their proposal in limbo. Last night’s meeting had been moved to the Livingston County EMS Building on Tooley Road in anticipation of a large crowd, but only four people were in attendance; two Legion supporters and two township residents. Those in support of the billboard said the township would likely lose a legal battle on the issue, while the residents expressed concerns about road safety and just who would actually own and operate the sign. (JK)