By Mike Kruzman /

Site plan approval has been given to a pool supply business that will be opening its third shop in Livingston County.

Roman’s Pool Supplies and Service will be constructing a new 7,200-square foot facility in Howell Township, complimenting their Brighton Township and City of Howell locations. The shop will be built at 4930 West Grand River, and feature a 1,400 square foot show room for pool equipment. The majority of the space will be for storage. The building will be 28.75 feet high and meets all setback and parking requirements.

The property has frontage on Grand River and Warner Road, leading the Howell Township Planning Commission to discuss whether they were comfortable with Warner Road access. Warner Road is gravel and subject county frost laws. On top of that, zoning to the east is set up to allow for the development of single family housing. An engineer and owner of the site argued that the Warner Road access is good to have for the fire department. Removing the access point would also require more asphalt coverage to allow for trucks to turn around. As it stands, the owner doesn’t expect many deliveries to come to that location. He said one semi-truck and one box truck should only be making deliveries 2-3 times per week in March, April and May, and once a week the rest of the year. Warner Road is gravel and not an all-weather road, meaning it carries weight limits while frost laws are in effect. The back will feature 12-foot high overhead doors for deliveries that the Planning Commission asked have extra landscaping added around to hide.

The Planning Commission approved the combined preliminary and final site plan 4-2, subject to meeting the engineer’s report and other minor issues. Chairman Andrew Sloan and Trustee Matthew Counts dissented.