Residents in the City of Howell will have several upcoming opportunities to learn about a Headlee Override request on the November ballot.

City officials are preparing for the November 6th General Election by developing a public education effort regarding the request. If approved, a Headlee Override would allow the City of Howell to increase its authorized millage rate for five years by an additional 4.5003 mills. The request would restore the authorized millage amount, which has been reduced by the Headlee Amendment. The proposal would generate approximately $1.4 million per year, beginning in July of 2019. The revenue would allow the City to maintain continued levels of service, in addition to infrastructure improvements such as roads.

In order to communicate the entirety of the request and its outcome should it receive voter approval, city officials will hold several public education sessions prior to the election. The first informational meeting is set for Wednesday, August 29th and the second on Wednesday, September 12th. Two meetings have also been scheduled for October 3rd and 27th.

At a council meeting Monday night, Mayor Nick Proctor expressed his belief that when it comes to infrastructure and city services, the status quo is not sustainable. He says difficult decisions and cuts may be coming if the Headlee Override does not pass, adding that council will need to be prepared to “play the what-if game”. (DK)