A project plan for water system improvements has been approved by the Howell City Council.

A resolution was adopted following a public hearing and presentation at a recent Council meeting. Representatives from the City’s engineering firm presented an overview of the Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund or DWRF and process, followed by project plans and cost schedule for different components of the plan.

City Manager Shea Charles tells WHMI the Drinking Water Revolving Fund is a low interest loan program through the state and staff brought forward the draft plan for Council’s consideration. Charles says they are in the process of applying for the loan and have a number of projects that are outstanding such as some water plant improvements and some water main improvements along Grand River. He says it’s a 2% interest loan program for existing water systems and some really favorable financing to help address outstanding infrastructure needs.

After the public hearing, Council passed a resolution to submit the project plan to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality for consideration. Charles says they will hear this fall whether or not they are in the funding range. If they are, then Council would decide whether to proceed at that time. (JM)