Jessica Mathews /

An individual has been barred from Howell Public Schools property following some incidents involving “concerning behavior”.

The district sent out correspondence this week following incidents that involved a male individual at events.

HPS said the individual is not associated with the district and recently attended two events held on district property after school hours.

One event was of an organization not affiliated with the district, and the other was a Howell Public Schools-sanctioned sporting event.

In both instances, the individual made statements about younger females in attendance. The district said “he has not threatened or displayed any violent behavior; however, this behavior is concerning”.

In both cases, the incidents were reported to adults at the events, and contact with law enforcement was made. There have been no reports of the individual being on school property during the school day and all staff have been alerted to the situation.

Working with law enforcement partners, the district says it issued a Letter of Trespass to the individual – barring him from being on district property.

The district further asked law enforcement partners to have an increased presence at evening and weekend events for both internal events and those of external groups that utilize their facilities.

The district stressed that the “safety and security of our students and staff is our top priority”.