An information briefing has been scheduled as Howell Public Schools prepares to ask residents to vote on a funding proposal that will allow improvements to each of the district’s schools. On May 7th, voters in the HPS school district will be asked to vote on a $39-million bond proposal that would be used to help address critical needs at all 11 buildings in the district. Superintendent Erin MacGregor calls it a “no-frills proposal” that will address infrastructure needs, increase safety and security, improve educational spaces, replace aging buses, and enhance some athletic and performing arts facilities.

This proposal originated following the narrow defeat of their Securing Our Future Sinking Fund Proposal last November. MacGregor said following that vote, they heard from parents and community members that there was a desire for the district to come back with a new proposal that would allow them to do more than the Sinking Fund Proposal would have. This new bond proposal is the result, and if successful, would actually lower the current debt millage.

A community briefing has been set up for Tuesday, April 16, at 6pm at the Administrative Offices Board Room, at 411 North Highlander Way. A website has also been set up with information on the proposal including details on estimated first year tax-decreases and building by building projects. You can find it (MK)