By Mike Kruzman /

Howell Public Schools has ratified a series of staff agreements and contracts.

At last week’s meeting of the HPS Board of Education, board members first approved a new agreement with the Howell Administrative Association, or HAA. Superintendent Erin MacGregor said they had been put on a one-year hold with their contract due to the pandemic. This new agreement is for 2 years and reflects a 2.5% increase for the first year and a 1.2% for the second. It also moves administrators to the step schedule.

Up next was the ratification of the Howell Educational Support Personnel Association, or HESPA, agreement. HESPA makes up the district’s 256 support staff employees. This was another two-year agreement, with, on top of other updates, includes 2% salary increases and step advancements for eligible employees each year.

Finally, the Board of Education approved the non-affiliated contracts of employment. These contracts include those for assistant superintendents, the Director of Communications, instructional coaches, food service and custodial leaders and more. MacGregor said that with the departure of Rick Terres out the business office, there has been some restructuring and reshuffling of responsibilities and these contracts reflect that.

The Board of Education approved all contracts and agreements unanimously.