A program will put technology in the hands of students in Howell public Schools this fall.

The district will launch a 1:1 program beginning with the 2018/2019 school year. The program will provide each student in sixth through twelfth grade with a Chromebook for use at both school and home. In grades third through fifth, additional devices will be added to each classroom to create a 1:1 environment, however, the students will not be allowed to take the devices home. The program will be funded through the district’s technology bond which was passed in November 2015. The district’s Board of Education heard an update on the plan during its most recent meeting and will vote on the purchase of devices during the June 11th meeting.

Superintendent Erin MacGregor says they’re excited to provide resources to students and teachers which will increase engagement while expanding learning opportunities beyond the traditional school day. He says a device will never replace the authentic connection between a highly qualified teacher and a student. However, it can become an important resource and tool for both teachers and students. To ensure the safety of students, the district’s content monitor and filter will be installed on each device. The system will block inappropriate materials, monitor device use and alert the district to any questionable material both at home and at school. It will be the same system currently used on the devices in the district and on student email accounts.

If approved by the Board of Education, the district will spend the summer preparing the devices for students. At the elementary level, the additional devices will be installed in each classroom before the start of the school year. At the middle and high school levels, devices would be issued near the end of September. (JM)