By Jessica Mathews /

Police say they do not believe students at local bus stops are in danger following a report of a suspicious situation.

Howell Police were dispatched at around 7am Monday for an incident in which a complainant wanted to report a possible attempted abduction of a juvenile near a school bus stop. It happened in the area of Hadden and Argyle Streets. A press release (posted below) states the Department began an immediate investigation.

The report was that a white male driver of a white Jeep stopped and waved at the 14-year-old juvenile at an intersection near the bus stop. As a result of that investigation, Police said it was determined that there was no verbal communication between the driver and the juvenile. The juvenile believed the driver was waving them toward the Jeep. The juvenile ran from the location and the Jeep continued on.

Officers canvassed the area, investigated any received tips on the matter, and conducted extra patrols and surveillance. It was determined that a second vehicle, which is being reported on social media as having been in the area, is not related.

At this point, the Howell Police Department says it does not believe students at local bus stops are in any danger. However, they encourage children to continue to report any suspicious activity to a parent, teacher, or police officer so that they can continue to keep the community safe.