Middle School students in Howell are spending time paying it forward to others in need with warm blankets.

Fleece and Thank You is a non-profit organization that helps liven up and warm otherwise dreary hospital rooms with colorful blankets for the children staying in them. Along with warmth, the blankets also provide the kids with hope and comfort during their treatment. This month, Parker Middle School students in Howell, behind the motto “Other People Matter,” are getting involved to help their less fortunate peers.

Students will be making the blankets during Patriot Time on Monday, November 19th. Friends and family are invited to donate to the cause, as for every $24 that is brought in, the group will get to make an additional blanket. Parent volunteers are also being sought. The school hopes to make 4 to 5 blankets in each Patriot Time class of 20 students. For more details or question, send an email to info@fleeceandthankyou.org. (Photo- Facebook) (MK)